AGENDA April 24 Town Hall Meeting


Republican Town Hall Meeting  

April 24th  6:30-7:30p.m. GOP HQ

Purpose:  Report on progress, Finance status, and Actions ahead 

6:30                                        Opening:  Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance 

Intro                                        Doug                         


Actions Taken To Date (w/ Q&A after each presentation)

  1. Bruce:  Parliamentarian, Weaverville/Woodfin, County Chair Coalition, 
  2. Sherry:  3 computers– donations met,  Finance report: (expenses and income, balance on hand); other office or staffing announcements / furniture needed / spruce up outside.
  3. Fitz - Genesis 120 Club kick-off
  4. Sonia –  Precinct Update
  5. Greg – HB118 update 
  6. Kim – Moms for Liberty
  7. Courtney – Curriculum and books in schools update 
  8. Mitch – community: 4/28 Event, FDF debate update
  9. Robyn – Lincoln Reagan Dinner – fundraisers on the horizons (mention survey)
  10. Doug/Jan – Election Integrity
  11. Cindy – 12 Tribes  Update (take new volunteers to lobby to sign up and explain)

7:15    Open Forum: 

  • R clubs and public Comments
  • Change Town Hall Meetings from 4th Mondays to 4th Thursdays?

7:30    Adjourn  

–  BC GOP,  Community Caring about Issues

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