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  • published BE A LOCAL LEADER in NEWS 2023-07-14 11:51:58 -0400


    The City of Asheville has various openings on various committees. Do you want to have a voice in the

    City’s growth and future?

    Learn more: & Oct 2023 Vacancy Flyer_v2.pdf

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  • published Message from our Chairman….. June 2023 in NEWS 2023-06-05 12:50:43 -0400

    Message from our Chairman….. 

    Dear Buncombe County Republicans & Conservative-minded Friends,

    We hope you all enjoyed taking part in a Memorial Day ceremony or gathering with friends and family to be grateful for the men and women who serve(d) to protect the freedoms we enjoy.

    Hot topic for this week:  Schools, Curriculum, Voting for your School Board – a New Bill !!!  

    1)  We have included a link to a video of an Asheville City School (ACS) Board Meeting that we hope you will view. The video is of pastor John Amanchukwu confronting the ASC School Board regarding the pornographic literature offered in school libraries. []

    2)  The GOP Research Task Force and local patriot groups are monitoring teaching materials for any inappropriate materials on Marxist-based CRT and/or pornographic books being considered/already offered in the county and city schools. Findings will be reported back to the BCGOP – which we will then share with you. 

    ***** Our schools are to educate not to indoctrinate; we encourage you to share any information/ideas you may have on how our schools can improve. *****

    3)  The BCGOP is supporting NC House Bill #66 that would give Buncombe County residents a voice in electing their own district’s school board member.

    • Currently, Buncombe County Board of Education (BOE) is divided into 7 districts based on school attendance zones - members must reside in the district, but all members are elected at-large by the qualified voters residing in the Buncombe County School Administrative Unit. Being a largely democratic county, conservative-leaning school districts continually get out-voted.
    • If HB #66 is passed, the bill provides that 6 of 7 members of the Buncombe County BOE be elected from 6 electoral districts, with the 7th member to be elected at-large. This change would be effective with 2024 elections and would require the Buncombe County BOE to establish electoral districts prior to February 1, 2024. 

    Update on HB #66 from Senator Daniel’s office:

    • The bill passed the Senate Rules Committee June 1, 2023, and proceeds to the Senate floor next week.
    • Time sensitive request: Warren McDaniel’s is encouraging even more of our support within the next 7 -10 days by doing the following:


    • Please send emails to all the other delegates. Senator Daniel is currently the only delegate that supports the bill. These additional emails will help bring the other delegates’ greater awareness of constituents’ beliefs. Remember that in some cases, smaller portions of Buncombe County fall outside of Daniel’s district. (See “Example Email” section below for guidance on what to write --- or if you prefer to make telephone calls, that information is also provided below).
    • If you have not yet sent an email to Warren Daniel’s office, please do so. Refrain from sending more than one email as the emails are tracked and duplicates are disregarded.

    Example mail:

    To:                                     [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],                                                                 [email protected], [email protected]

    (note: send to ONE NAME at a time; Senator or  Representative titles are below)

     Subject:                           House Bill #66

    Text:                                  Dear Senator / Representative [ NAME – one name per email ],

    I fully support HB #66 that mandates that only district residents can vote for school board members that represent their district.

    [Continue by choosing one or more of the bullet point options below for your second paragraph – please restate the bullet(s) in your own words as “robo” emails are also disregarded]

    • Fair representation means only local district residents should be able to vote for local school board members.
    • I/we want to have our values fairly represented on the school board.
    • I/we chose to live in our community for a reason.  We want to be represented fairly.
    • I/we don’t want a majority of the outsiders determining what happens in our district’s schools.

    Thank you, Resident name & school district (if applicable)

    Other delegate Info:  Please email these Democrat legislators too!  Today!


    [email protected] (Rep); District 46

    [email protected] (Dem); 919-715-300; District 49


    [email protected] (Dem); 919-715-2013; District 114

    [email protected] (Dem); 919-733-5746; District 115

    [email protected] (Dem); 919-715-3012; District 116


    Thank you.  


    Doug Brown,  Buncombe County GOP Chairman


    1. COME JOIN US for some fun and fellowship! The BCGOP is hosting a “Red, White and Back the Blue” picnic. On Saturday, June 17th,  at Murphy/Oakley Park Pavilion (715 Fairview Rd, Asheville, NC) from 3pm to 5pm. Tickets are $15/person with portions of the proceeds going to the Asheville Police Department.  For your ticket you can enjoy hot dogs & the fixins’, tea & lemonade, and Bingo. For more details, please contact Robin Hite at 828-555-0444 or [email protected].

  • BCGOP Demands: Stop Spending Our Children’s Future


    Asheville, NC - The Buncombe County GOP (BCGOP) believes in fiscal responsibility, for this reason it is calling on elected representatives to stand firm and not increase the National Debt limit. Rather, it calls on Congress to reduce spending.

    Doug Brown, newly elected Chair of the BCGOP, states: “We believe it is just not right to spend money we don’t have and that wasteful spending has caused our National Debt to balloon to over 31 trillion dollars with no end in sight. It is fundamentally wrong to mortgage our children’s and grandchildren’s futures.”

    Specifically the BCGOP calls on Congress to eliminate college loan forgiveness plans, to suspend unspent COVID giveaways, and to cancel the hiring of 87,000 additional IRS agents.

    States Brown, “It should be our government’s goal to live within its means and finally put its fiscal house in order. Congress must commit to a plan to control spending and immediately begin paying down the National Debt now.”

    The Republican Party was established July 6, 1854 at an anti-slavery convention of citizens united to abolish slavery.  The Buncombe County Republican Party represents the townships: Asheville, Black Mountain, Arden, Fairview, Swannanoa, Weaverville, Woodfin, Biltmore Forest, Barnardsville, Montreat, Avery Creek, Bent Creek, Royal Pines in Western North Carolina.  Doug Brown is the current chair with five board members, two vice-chairs, a secretary and a treasurer.

    Watch for more calls-to-action on our state and federal government on behalf of the people of WNC.  For more information, visit https:// 

    Community Caring about Issues —

                                                                    BC GOP

  • published Transgender Agenda In Our Schools in NEWS 2023-06-01 07:02:51 -0400

    School Board Decisions, Transgender Agenda In Our Schools


    One voice. One call. One message. One letter makes a difference. It only takes one point to win a game, one more shovel full to strike gold, one critical decision in one hour of need to win a war.

    There is undeniable power in the number 1. So don’t feel discouraged if you think one voice doesn't matter.

    Look back through history and time. Think of those who stood up to make a difference in times  of change. You’ll see the faces and voices of individuals like King, Lincoln, Parks and Churchill.

    Those people knew that an opportunity existed to make a difference for a greater good and they took it.

    Here in Buncombe County we have a chance to change how our children's education is planned. An opportunity to put a firewall between our children and the transgender agenda. 

    Currently the unwoke Democrat machine dominates the votes in County-wide races. So, they decide who is going to be on our school board and what’s going to be taught in the school room.

    Buncombe representative Senator Warren Daniels is working to forward a bill that will make school board candidates voted for by district.

    That means rural conservatives would have the opportunity to elect a conservative candidate to the school board. 

    Republicans currently hold a veto-proof supermajority in the house. The are working hard to put education decisions back into the hands of parents, but all opportunities are time limited. So, we must show our support of this bill before the chance is gone.

    We need 300 phone calls, letters or emails to senator Daniel’s office to let him know we fully back him and support him on the effort to get this bill passed.

    We must take ground back at the school board level. Conservative board members will put a firewall between our kids and the transgender grooming agenda.

    These manipulators are attacking the very identity and innocence of children. It must stop.

    Lincoln said the philosophy in the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of  government in the next and here we are.  We lost that battle in the last generation we must not lose it in the next.

    Use your powerful voice. Call senator Daniels tell him you support district races for school board members.

    Click the link below. Help us defeat the demonic  transgender agenda in our schools. So that the next generation will be wise leaders, not foolish dictators .

    Senator Warren Daniels

    (919) 715-7823

    [email protected]

  • published 5/27 - noon, GOP Chairman, Michael Whatley in NEWS 2023-05-23 17:28:14 -0400
    • announcement:  The North Carolina GOP Chairman, Michael Whatley will visit our GOP HQ at 18 Regent Park, Asheville:

    When?   This Saturday, May 27th

    What Time?  Noon (snacks provided)

    Topics?  GOP party updates on Election Integrity, Judges, recent movements in the General Assembly, and recent judicial rulings. 

    Don’t miss this great opportunity.

  • published School District Voting has backing in NEWS 2023-05-23 17:25:27 -0400

    School District Voting has backing!  This will mean that residents in their school districts will vote for the school board member to represent them rather than the whole county voting for who your school board representative should be.   Without School District Voting, the Democrat majority will continue to elect Democrat school board members even if your school district is Republican leaning.    

    So before May 31st, we need your help.  Our State Senator Warren Daniel needs to hear from at least 300 of us that we support School District Voting in Buncombe County.    Please email him today  [email protected]  and let him know your school district and that you support School District Voting in Buncombe County.    We must do this before May 31st!.     

    Email [email protected] today, and let him know that you support School District Voting.

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  • published Town Hall Meetings - New meeting date in NEWS 2023-04-25 14:57:17 -0400

    Notice: Town Hall Meetings - New meeting date!

    The new date for the town hall meetings will be the 4th Monday each month.

    An invitation:

    Get your topic on the May Town Hall agenda.   We will take the first five (if time allows, we’ll open it up for more).  

    These topics will be announced on our website a week before the Town Hall. 

    Email your topic to [email protected]

    We look forward to seeing you at the next Town Hall, Monday, May 29th.  

    Send your topic in today!

  • published BCGOP GENESIS 120 CLUB Video in NEWS 2023-04-21 15:58:25 -0400

    Video message from our “New” Chairman….. launching the new BCGOP GENESIS 120 CLUB (CLICK)


  • Read the "Message from our “New” Chairman…..BCGOP GENESIS 120 CLUB. PDF  

    Genesis Club