Message from our “New” Chairman…..

Dear Buncombe County Republicans and Conservative-minded Friends,

We are at a critical juncture for our future! We WILL have a voice in our County… OR not.
Our GOP organization is not going down without our all-out commitment to serve you – to do
everything we can to get a voice on every board, committees & elected posiƟons possible.

Our first step is to get fuel in our tank so like an airplane we can fly far and confidently.

Today…and for the next 30 days we are launching the new BCGOP GENESIS 120 CLUB.

SO…What is it? 120 visionary donors committed to $20-25/month through the 2024
November elections. (Or a single $360.00 payment for 18 months)

What will it do? These monthly donations will cover 18 months at $2350/month of
BCGOP operational expenses including rent, utlites, supplies,
political materials, etc. allowing us to “focus” on electing candidates.

When will it start? Today & fund raising will run through May 15th or untl the first 120
commitments have been received.

How do I contribute? 1) Click the “Donate” button on our website & following instructions.
                               2) Send or drop-off a check payable to BCGOP, 18G Regent Park Blvd.
                                Asheville, NC 28806 828-253-5800

Why should I donate? Because your support will make the difference! With it we can re-
define who we are & what Buncombe ConservaƟves can accomplish.

Who will donate? You! Join our first donor, U. S. Congressman Chuck Edwards & be
part of the first 120 who commit to make GENESIS 120 CLUB a reality.

Thank you.

Doug Brown Buncombe County GOP Chairman
PS. The Genesis 120 Club is the essential fuel for our Party’s efforts to get Conservative
minded candidates elected.