Lynda Bennett

Conservative, Christian, Constitutionalist

That’s Lynda Bennett.

Lynda Bennett’s entire life experience has prepared her to serve citizens in Western North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District.

An award-winning leader, successful businesswoman, pro-life conservative, Republican activist --- and early supporter of Donald Trump --- Lynda Bennett defends our Christian values and Mountain Heritage. Western North Carolina can count on Lynda to keep America great!

Successful Businesswoman

After earning a college degree, Lynda Bennett picked and packed apples and cherries at an orchard. She developed a marketing plan for selling the produce – and an entrepreneur was born.

In business for over 35 years, Lynda has owned and operated a real estate company, a tourism-based vacation rentals company, and a heavy equipment company. In business, Lynda Bennett has balanced budgets, controlled spending, made payrolls, and trained her team of associates to become entrepreneurs so they can experience their own American Dream.

Lynda Bennett values hard work and respects the dignity work. That’s why she wants to get our economy moving again. Now, more than ever, we need an experienced business leader in Congress – and that’s Lynda Bennett.

Family, Faith & Community

As an evangelical Christian, Lynda puts her faith into action counseling friends and teaching youth Sunday school. The parents of two daughters, Lynda and her husband Pat are active members of Calvary Road Baptist Church. Lynda also led a Girl Scout troop for 5 years.

A community leader, Lynda served as past President of the Haywood County Realtors Multiple Listing Service and was appointed to the 2019 Haywood County Board of Equalization and Review.

A Ronald Reagan conservative, Lynda has devoted her life to growing our Republican Party. She previously served as Vice-Chair of the Haywood County Republican Party, served as past GOP Secretary, and is the recipient of the 2019 Golden Elephant Award for volunteerism. A grassroots conservative leader, Lynda has volunteered with Heritage Action for America, Freedom Works, Tea Party Patriots, and the 9 – 12 Project.

Lynda Bennett proudly volunteered to help Donald Trump get elected by participating in grassroots activities and get out the vote drives. Lynda even hosted a local Trump Inaugural Ball with over 250 people in attendance!

Protecting our Christian values and Mountain Heritage…Defending the America we love…That’s Lynda Bennett.

On the Right Track

Join us to be part of this historic 2020 Election and to help send Lynda Bennett to Congress.

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*This information was taken directly from the Lynda for Congress website and was not written by the BCGOP.

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