Mollie R. Rose

Mollie R. Rose

I moved to Buncombe County from Upstate New York over 26 years ago because I fell in love with the mountains and the kind, respectful people who live here.

What keeps you up at night?    After more than 2 years of government deficit spending, government overreach in schools and private businesses, and capricious mask mandates, I am more than frustrated, and even angry.  


I moved to Buncombe County from Upstate New York over 26 years ago because I fell in love with the mountains and the kind, respectful people who live here.  


But politics knows no boundaries.  In Buncombe County, we find the same fight for freedom as in Washington.  I believe, like most of you, we have the ability to direct and improve our own lives as long as our God given “inalienable rights” are not taken from us.  But the far Left is telling us that we need centralized, bureaucratic control over every aspect of our lives.    This is why I put my name on the ballot for this November for State House District 116.


I believe that:

1)    Parents should have a voice in what, where, and how their child is taught.   Curriculum should not be from the CRT lens that Whites are oppressors and Blacks are victims; this plants seeds of distrust and hatred.  School choice should be allowed; it improves the quality of education for everyone, just as the free market system improves the quality of goods and services.


2)    The war of misinformation on fossil fuels must stop.  The solar and wind technology does not yet exist to make these viable alternatives without natural gas and nuclear energy.  Yes, we must invest in greener energy, but with research and development and truth-telling. 


3)    We need election integrity so that we can have confidence in our elections.  That means, photo ID, and no drop boxes for ballots. 


4)    To create prosperity for everyone, we must support small business and free enterprise with sensible, limited regulations and red tape while protecting our resources and the natural beauty of our mountains.


Over the past 30 years, as a school counselor, mental health worker, and family advocate, I learned how to support and empower children and their families to be healthy and to reach their own goals.  I did this by listening and respecting the individuals I was there to serve.


I have worked to protect the natural environment by serving on non-profit boards for the environment – Clean Water for North Carolina and The Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Project.


I learned how racial prejudice was affecting my fellow citizens by participating in the Build Bridges Program.  This eye-opening experience inspired me to serve as the Co-Chair of their Board of Directors.


We can be frustrated, angry and lose sleep, or take action and elect me for State House District 116.   I support:  parental choice in schools, responsible energy solutions, voter integrity, and compassionate fiscal responsibility which focuses on the true needs of hard working North Carolinians, while protecting our resources for the future. 

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