Voting Integrity

  • Look HERE to see how many voters are registered at an address or on a particular street (called Phantom Voters).
  • Want to help from home ??? Make screen captures of election returns as they come in on Election Night through the Canvass 10 days later to spot any suspicious changes in vote totals. It is perfect for those who cannot get out or get around but still want to do something to help.  Training is done on Monday nights and will begin a few weeks prior to the November election.  It only takes an hour. You only need to do it once unless you feel a need for a refresher.  [email protected]  with your FULL NAME, COUNTY of VOTER REGISTRATION, & Best PHONE NUMBER.
  • What Happens to your vote?  What is the Canvass Period?  Why doesn't NC have Voter ID?  Find many answers to voting questions Voting 101
  • HERE is the latest news about the N.C. Board of Election's war on Poll Observers.  
  • NC Election Integrity Taskforce focuseds on training volunteers who can work at the polls during Early Voting and on Election Day as Poll Observers or Judges. People wishing to volunteer for that type of work should contact the Buncombe County GOP at 828.253.5800 or
  • Read this legal information if you are knocking on doors for candidates


  • We very much need citizens to sit in and OBSERVE at each polling site for part of each day every day of early Voting and on Election Day as well as citizens to be on the Nursing Home Team (MAT).